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Arrival of Juvenile Leopard Frogs

Arrival and abundance of Juvenile Leopard Frogs in Bishops Mills

citation of truncated version: Frederick Schueler. 2019. Arrival and abundance of Juvenile Leopard Frogs in Bishops Mills.CHORUS: Newsletter of the Ottawa Amphibian and Reptile Association 35(7):4-6
There’s a verse in the Leopard Frog song that goes – 
Let us live here in Bishops Mills On the first of every August When the metamorphs from the South Branch marsh Come and fill the fields and the gardens.
- but this year the first juvenile Lithobates pipiens didn’t show up until the 17th of August, which has inspired me to see how variable the date of arrival has been by filtering our database with - RTOD(ACOS(COS(DTOR(LATITUDE-44.87246))*COS(DTOR(LONGITUDE--75.70096)*COS(DTOR(44.87246)))))*111.2<=[x].AND.NAME="Rana pipiens".AND."juv"$LIFE_STAGE.AND.BETWEEN(MO,7,8) – i.e., juvenile Leopard Frogs within [x] kilometres of the central intersection of Bishops Mills during July & August. This was run twice, f…