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Two-Lined Salamander, a survey protocol

A provincial strategy for finding  Eurycea Frederick W Schueler Abstract: Eurycea bislineata (Two-lined Salamander), is one of the cases where Ontario has one species from what is a whole guild of species farther south, and the map of the species occurrence in Ontario is mostly made up of holes between central southern Ontario and isolated records on the Moose River, Manitoulin, Moose Creek, and north of Sudbury. I've contributed a few of the isolated records, but I've also been guilty of not turning Eurycea -ish rocks along a lot of streams, partly because there's no planned protocol for such a search, comparable to the 100-stones protocol for Acroloxus . I'll present a strategy for filling those holes or confirming the isolation of the outlying populations, based on my experience and contributions from colleagues in and outside Ontario.